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What You Need To Know About California’s Latest Housing Law

The latest news and info about the updated California building code.

If you’re a homeowner or property developer, you’ll want to pay attention to the latest update on housing laws. SB 897 is a new law that affects developments and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in California. This law is a significant change from previous regulations, and it is important for anyone involved in the housing market to know the details.

One significant change is the height limit for ADU development. ADUs are secondary units built on the same property as a primary residence. Previously, the height limit for detached ADU buildings was 16 feet, meaning many new ADUs could not have a pitched roof or a second story. However, SB 897 has increased the height limit of detached ADUs to 18 feet, as long as the building is within a half mile of a major transportation stop. This change means that homeowners and developers can now build two-story homes with pitched roofs or other designs, creating more options for building design.

“The future of housing in California is looking brighter than ever.”

The new law also affects attached ADUs, which are secondary units attached to a primary residence. The height limit for attached ADUs has been raised to 25 feet, and the same criteria applies for proximity to transportation stops. This change is significant because it allows homeowners to build larger ADUs, creating more living space for family members or rental income.

Another key change to the law is for multifamily zoned properties. Previously, if a property owner wanted to build an ADU on a multifamily lot, they had to get approval for the ADU first and then build the additional unit. However, SB 897 now allows for two ADUs to be built on a multifamily lot simultaneously, making it easier for property developers to add additional units to their properties.

Overall, these changes to housing laws are significant and will have a positive impact on the housing market. If you’re interested in learning more about ADUs or how these changes might affect your property, there are many resources available to help you. Reach out to me by text, phone, or email for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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