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About Shawn

Shawn and Jessica are passionate in helping their clients to achieve the American dream. As a first generation immigrant and refugee, Shawn purchased his first home 9 months after graduating from college. Shawn had arrived in the U.S. with his parents 4 years earlier with only $300 in their possession. From there, Shawn, then Jessica, started their career in real estate, consulting, advising, and assisting over 400 families purchasing their first home.

With their past clients, Shawn and Jessica have devised a plan whereas their clients can retire without relying on Social Security or company pension. One of their clients has taken their advice to heart and has parlayed the purchase of one $280,000 fourplex into a portfolio of apartments and commercial holdings worth more than $9M, averaging a 250% Return On Investment (ROI).

Shawn and Jessica have created a lifecycle relationship with their clients by providing a clear roadmap in savings, managing their assets, refinancing their mortgage, acquiring investment property with cash flow, increasing the value of the income stream, optimizing the Return Of Investment (ROI) to the point where the Return Of Equity (ROE) is diminishing, then exchanging for a larger property with greater ROI. The cycle repeats again for the next property providing a clear path to a lifetime of wealth accumulation.

Shawn and Jessica are positioning their clients to take advantage in the current market adjustment – refinancing at rates below 4%-a historical low since the mortgage rates have been tracked and buying investment properties with a good cash flow – a key factor unavailable a few years ago.

Areas of Expertise

Shawn and Jessica specializes in helping families to settle estate without the help of an attorney. It is particularly true for estates where all the heirs and beneficiaries are in agreement. Shawn and Jessica have great references from heirs who have benefited from their expertise, lowering the cost of probate and speeding up the estate settlement. Shawn and Jessica also have access to a network of attorneys specializing in probate and estate planning law for more complex cases.

In his 20+ real estate and mortgage practice, Shawn has helped numerous clients using the wealth created in their home equity to achieve financial independence by accessing the US SBA loan program where a business with real estate can be acquired with 10% down and an repayment period of 20 years instead of the usual 5-year commercial terms. He has helped untold other entrepreneurs whose income cannot be fully accounted for in acquiring commercial properties with stated income programs with up to 70% Loan-To-Value (LTV).

Last, but not least, Shawn and Jessica continue in their quest in helping young couples and young families to reach the American dream of homeownership by educating their clients about the Mortgage Credit Certificate program where up to 20% of the annual mortgage interest is credited toward reducing the amount of federal income tax that one must pay. Shawn and Jessica still have access to 100% financing programs – government sponsored Neighborhood Stabilization Program and Down Payment Assistance. Once a homeowner, Shawn and Jessica start to show their clients the roadmap to financial independence through their lifecycle relationship.

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