How To Find Foreclosed Homes | Buying A House Through Section 8

Foreclosures, Refinancing, and Interest Rates
What you should know about the current state of the housing market.

Have you been wondering about what’s going on in our market? I shared my thoughts on the state of the housing market midway through the year, but a lot has changed since then, so I’m here to keep you all updated. I don’t believe the market will crash, and you deserve to know why. 

You can hear all of the data by watching the video above or skip to individual topics using the timestamps provided: 

0:00 — Introduction 

2:00 — Data from the CRMLS 

4:11 — Foreclosures happening between January and June 

6:28 — How interest rates impact the market 

8:00 — Refinancing and how the market is adjusting 

8:55 — People’s needs are changing, but there will always be a need for real estate 

10:08 — Will home prices crash? 

10:36 — Wrapping up 

It’s essential to stay informed if you are considering entering the real estate market anytime soon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me, I’d love to hear from you.

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